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Improving education for all students

Our classrooms are diverse and students are requiring personalised and responsive teaching and learning opportunities. Schools and educators must be strategic, efficient, strength-based and outcome focussed.  SILA can work with staff to develop inclusive practices and bring excellence to this area of your school.


Jade Hand
Founder & Director

PhD student
B.Mus, Grad.Dip.Ed, B.Arts (Psych),
Honours (Psych) M.Ed (SEN)

Jade's passion for working with students who have varied cognitive profiles has been the driving force behind SILA.  After working in a range of schools and developing a finely tuned understanding of how to best deliver inclusive learning, Jade is keen to share this knowledge and passion with schools across Australia.  

Jade's extensive educational experience, spanning over 20 years, and unique combination of attributes have provided her with a highly proficient and broad skill-set in learning diversity and inclusive education. High-level postgraduate qualifications in Education and Psychology and currently completing a PhD in Inclusive Education ensure that Jade's knowledge of the field are current and extensive. Her employment experience encompasses roles ranging from classroom teaching, directorship and school-wide academic and pastoral care consultation, such that she has attained an experienced and distinctive perspective on strategic planning, effective management and community engagement for inclusive learning within primary and secondary settings.




Personalised learning for students is an essential part of every school.  Planning and delivering inclusive educational programs that reflect best-practice and cater for the diversity of students requires a whole-school approach.  SILA can provide expert, strategic support to staff to develop the efficiency, productivity and outcomes for all students.

Flow Chart

Whole School
Strategic Planning

Developing an Inclusive Education strategic plan is the key to optimising student outcomes.  This includes developing a purposeful policy document, staffing, budget and resource management to guide future decision making.  SILA will work with the management staff of Inclusive Learning in your school to develop a robust and effective plan.

Multi-Tiered Frameworks
and Process Efficiency

Multi-tiered frameworks are essential in managing learning diversity within the classroom and student well-being.  Ensuring efficient processes in managing and responding to student data, appropriate intervention, collaborative meetings, supporting documentation, to name a few, are essential to support students and staff.  SILA provides experienced consultancy to develop these processes, ensuring improved time management and better student outcomes.

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Inclusive  Communities

Importantly, outcomes for students are greatly enhanced by a supportive and inclusive school community that is educated about the varied strategies required for them to experience success.  SILA will work with staff to develop this area of your school culture, promoting understanding and accessibility for all students.



If your school is looking to build capacity in the area of inclusive education,
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