Adam Heath, Headmaster (Ballarat Grammar School)

Jade Hand holds extraordinary expertise in developing programs in Schools for neurodiverse learners; those young people in our School with infinite capacity but who may struggle to flourish within conventional learning experiences.  She works with a diverse range of staff to develop their capacity to adapt learning experiences to be ever more inclusive.  These strategies typically benefit all students in the class.  Her knowledge of the breadth and depth of learning research is impressive; her educational decision making is grounded in research.  She also holds particular expertise in navigating the complexities of funding application and the NDIS.  I commend Jade to you, without hesitation, as someone who will make that critical difference to ensuring neurodiverse students arrive at your school each day feeling optimistic about their plight as learners.

Christine Lucas, Head of Campus (Rivercrest Christian College)

Jade was consistently responsive and professional at all times. Her easy going manner, her knowledge of her subject area and willingness to meet our wide ranging needs was excellent. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, and to have her engage with us as we undertake our journey of understanding NCCD and adjustments.

Jason Hibberd, Head of Campus, Berwick (St Francis Xavier College)

Jade’s attention to detail, depth of knowledge and overall strategic approach to personalising learning for individuals has resulted in significant value-add for many students with specific needs within our school community. Jade possesses a real talent for assessing each situation accurately to focus on outcomes that bring about high impact results.

Marion Shepherd, Speech Pathologist

In the short time that I have worked with Jade, she has made a significant and positive change within the Learning Department. Her leadership style is collaborative and affirming but she is not afraid to make  hard decisions. She is supportive of her team, getting to know them individually and taking them on the journey with her, empowering them to be the best they can be. Jade is a strategic thinker and uses her vast knowledge and her passion to provide a high quality program within the Learning Department. Jade would be an asset to any Learning Department seeking a strategic and positive way forward for their program.

Alvin Noveloso, Psychologist

Jade's leadership has been essential to the positive and successful changes to the Learning Enhancement team.  She has such a personable management style and just 'gets stuff done'.