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Learning Coaching

The Path to Learning Success

Learning Coaching is a one-to-one course consisting of targeted modules that are specifically designed for students with diverse learning needs to develop:

- Personal Organisation

- Time Management

- Study Skills

- Metacognition

- Academic Effectiveness

- Strength-based Learning Strategies

- Overcoming Learning Barriers

- Self-Advocacy

This 5-session Learning Coaching course will empower students to have a better understanding of their learning and a set of skills to improve their personal and academic outcomes.  

All sessions are conducted via online platforms and can be facilitated from any location.

Personal Learning Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach to Learning

The Learning Coaching course provides the opportunity to develop a Personalised Learning Strategy to maximise individual strengths and increase learning effectiveness.

A student's Personal Learning Strategy (PLS) is a strength-based plan that provides immediate support to increase engagement and maximise learning in the classroom or at home.  The PLS is linked to the Learning Coaching modules to help improve motivation and provide learning strategies for increased success.

SILA can also collaborate with teachers and schools to implement a student's PLS, ensuring maximum effectiveness and increased success.

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